A 501c3 Nonprofit Charity

  peration Tail Wag

Pet Care for the Military

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent for a military pet!  We wish to offer our sincere gratitude to you and others like you who honor our service men and women enough to consider caring for one of their beloved pets while they are off serving our country.

Operation Tail Wag was formed with the idea that a soldier being deployed has enough on their mind without having to worry about what to do with a beloved pet they must leave behind. Our intent is to provide temporary foster homes for these animals until the service member returns and is able to resume care. It would be easy enough to set this up and then make the soldier pay for the animal’s transport, feed, vet care etc. while they are gone. But we feel we should go a step beyond that. Our intent is to provide all services at no cost to the soldier. Soldiers give all. So should we.  

Our screening process for fosters is thorough.  We don't want to ever offend a prospective foster parent however we owe every precaution to the soldier we are trying to help.  We must be able to assure them that their pet will be safe and well-cared for in their absence.  Our program has been designed to address those concerns and we have systems in place to ensure they will return to a happy, healthy pet.  In addition, our CONSTANT CONTANT program allows the soldier to see their pet, often in real time to give them peace of mind regarding their animal.  

Fostering a soldier's pet is an awesome way to show love and support for our armed forces.