A 501c3 Nonprofit Charity

  peration Tail Wag

Pet Care for the Military

When a soldier applies for our services, we have an extensive questionnaire in an effort to know their pet, as well as they do. We have partnered with a veterinarian to provide initial health checks and ongoing vet care for the animals we foster. Every attempt will be made to provide the animal with a similar routine to their home. After all, this is not only hard on the soldier. Most often it is even harder on the pet.

 We take care of soldiers' pets when they are deployed, in training, or must otherwise serve their country away from home.  We do the same for veterans who may need assistance due to hospitalization or PTSD related issues.  Our services are FREE TO THE SOLDIER therefore we rely solely on sponsors and donations from the public to care for these military pets.

Services include providing a quality foster home for the pet.  An initial veterinary check will be done to assure the animal is in good health with no underlying disease or issues.  A pet on medication or special diet is not excluded from our care.  We just must know ahead of time what will be necessary to keep the pet healthy.  We also provide routine vet checks, vaccinations as necessary, and emergency care should the need arise.  Monthly heartworm and flea prevention will also be provided.  As you can see, a large portion of our donations will go to veterinary care.  But we also provide the animal's food, treats and toys during their stay with us!  

Each pet will wear an exclusive Operation Tail Wag collar tag identifying the animal as a military pet in foster care with information how to contact us in case of emergency.