The best part of all of this, is seeing families reunited with their pets! It can be from a weekend to year or more of them being separated. At the end of the day though, it’s worth all of it when you can go back to your everyday normalcy with the entire family intact!


Carma & Murphy back with Momma!

Max & Moose back in Grove City Ohio!!!

The Best Adopters!!

We we found these adopters, it was hitting the ball out of the park and got Max &n Moose the best family! I remember thinking, "Too good to be true" before even starting the two hour trip to Grove City.  I had spoke often with the soon to be adopters, thought she was great and Husband seemed good too. A mother in law also lived with them, and their current pets. Since there was four hours of my day that would be gone, we all decided to have the meet n greet, with adoption at same time as long as all went well. I have done this in the past with great results and also with horrible results. I went in with a scenario on both ways. It was 50/50 at this point and I was on my way.

Upon my arrival, I was very nicely greeted by all, including their current pets! A beautiful home with a fenced ion yard. Just as she had described to me. The mother in law was a sweet older woman whom I found out quickly was the one that snuck all the goodies to the herd of pets following her every move.  Since it was still rather early, they allowed me to hang around a bit and just watch how things went there. I thought that was great! It really, truly did not take long at all to see that this was no show that they were trying to preform just for my benefit. They were acting as though I had been there many times before, was a friend and enjoying time spent together. All the animals, including the kitty got along great.! Max & Moose, obviously,  were not small dogs and there were also not spring chickens. There were a few health issues to come along as well. It is not often you find anyone that would adopt two senior large breed dogs with minor health issues at the same time....BUT Smith Family did! I truly admire that! Sadly, as time has gone by,  Max & Moose are no longer with us, but I have been in contact with their mom and dad a few times thought the years. Anytime I see a German shepherd needing a home or especially a pair needing a home, they are the first thought in my mind!