Forms & Information

Order Forms 

Custom orders

this form is for custom orders, if you want to draw it out, after you do, scan or download your art.  You can then email it or send it through mail to us. If you don’t like those ways you can call us it if you are local, make an appointment and we will go over it together!
ALL CUSTOM WORK WIKL NOT BE ON SAME TIME SCHEDULE FOR SHIPMENTS. We will keep you up to date on every step of the way!

Zipper Hoodies-

This is for custom Zipper Hoodies, they are very popular and sometimes can backup. There may be a longer time for shipping if that occurs again. Of course we will keep you informed of all steps and progress of your order!

 Please use order forms for custom and personalized orders or contact us directly to take your order! 

Sponsorships are just starting here at OTW. We very much need sponsors and other regular donors. We are one year shy of being here for 10 years! I just can’t  imagine having to close the doors and watching this dream and all that’s been out in it, just disappear. Would be a lost to our Military & Veterans as well as the community who can now benefit from these services.  Any amount is appreciated and 100% does to organization just as purchases in Tailwag Swag shop. 
Your donation and amount do not have to be the same as the flyer. If you choose something else, that’s what we will use it for. If you want to sponsor a certain pet, that is perfectly fine! 
all donations are tax deductible, we will give you a proper receipt , upon request. 

 Other options to helping the pets during their stay…… sponsorships and item donations are just as much help as any other donation!!

Individual sponsor

These can be changed just like the business ones. You can pick a certain pet and amount or you can pick an amount and tell us what  you want to benefit from your donation! We are so grateful for anything we receive so we will disburse it as you request!