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Welcome to Operation Tail Wag~Pet Care for the Military

At Operation Tail Wag, we are dedicated to providing high-quality care for the furry friends of our military and Veterans. We started in 2015, have assisted many families whether they were going to training, deployment, hospitalization, moving or any other reason that will keep them away from home.  As you continue on looking around, you will see and learn much more on what we provide, how it works and ways you can help support the military and their pets! You will find where we will be at certain events, any upcoming news, fundraisers and get the info you need to know. There will also be a section you will come across that highlights a few of our pets currently looking for their forever homes! 

This website/online store is now here because over years, we have realized how difficult raising funds to support all of this truly is. The idea was formed to have a small online store  that could act as a fundraising tool, helping us to continue our mission and to keep it FREE for Military families, as long as we can. It has proven there are challenges all around us, but we must face them and continue forward. Persistence gets the mission completed. The new store, Tailwag Swag, consists of items such as  apparel, accessories, coffee mugs, tote bags, handcrafted items, jewelry, crafty-diy items, wall Art, decals and much more. A wide variety so there’s something for everyone.  We are also known for our collections! We have a great selection of apparel in our 420, sarcastic/funny, Bathroom Humor and Jeep Collections! All our designs can be put on all the items we have. If you don’t want it on a decal but you do on a shirt, we will do that! One of our favorite things to do is personalization and custom orders which make the best gifts!  Check out our collections and little online store for a perfect way to help the pets of our Military and Veterans!  .  *DONT FORGET THE BEST PART*…..EVERY PENNY spent at Tailwag Swag, 100% goes  to the organization and the pets!!!

Our  Mission

   Since we are one of very few organizations in this area, we try to service as many areas as possible. Most of the calls we get a little farther out, most of it comes down to timing, patience and prayer! We started this all for the Military but since adding , we have more pets than usual and distance is hard for us to manage, but it has been done and we are willing to again, is things can work together on the plan. Here is the quick run down of areas we service:

OHIO- The Entire State- usually the following counties are much easier distance wise
      Cuyahoga County, Summit County, Medina County, Wayne County, Portage County, Holmes County,    
 Coshocton County, Ashland County, Richland County, Morrow County, Knox County, Delaware County,  Franklin County, Licking County, Muskingum County, Guernsey County, Tuscarawas County, Carroll County,        
 Stark County, Trumbull County, Lorain County, Geuga County and Columbiana County

   This does not mean only these counties. These seem to be the easiest to get process moving.    

When transportation, gasoline expenses, traveler and scheduling can all occur, we also service these areas:

 Southern Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, Western West Virginia, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Indiana.

I am a firm believer to "there's an exception to every rule, so really we will help anywhere, if the above things all can be worked out.  



Any New and Exciting Fundraising Ideas to Share?! We are always on the lookout  for fun ways to help the animals!! 

Come up with an awesome one we can use and you will win a         FREE.   T-SHIRT!!!

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You’ve made it to the second best part of the site! Now you get to meet the current pups up for adoption at OTW.  We have three right now that are waiting for their new furever homes.  Let’s go back and have a quick refresher of a key rule when adopting a rescue animal. 
      *This dog s NOT Lassie or RinTin, this dog may never have never felt a belly rub or play with someone where you could feel the love. This dog may of had to fight others everyday in order to barely get enough to survive. This dog may have been from a puppy mill or dog fighting ring. This dog might have been the center of attention for years and then left at a strange shelter alone because he just got too old. This dog may have been with a great family that loved him and he loved them but then a new baby was coming or they wanted new furniture and remodeling so they left him at the shelter or just let him out of the car where he had never been before. 
Sadly, there are so many more of these examples I could share but I believe that’s enough to get a good understanding of what a rescue animals life is like. With that said, if you are not a person who can be compassionate, understanding, loving and tolerant to a lot of things, same as you would your child, then this is not the thing for you. We are very picky on whom our adoptables go with and there’s a lengthy process to adoption through OTW. In addition to all of that, there is an adoption fee for each pet we adopt out. We do this for a few reasons. First, if you do not charge anything at all, the chances of that animal having a good home is very very slim. No fee leaves the door wide open for the worst of the worst and the animals pay an extremely high price. Some people will do unspeakable things to these pets for their own sick reasons. Please do not try to rehome your pet this way. Second, when an animal comes to OTW, we make sure all things needed are brought current and done if they hadn’t been by this point. For an average sized dog in good health, we spend $225-$400 into each pet.  In order for us to continue our mission, we have to make that money back to help the next pet needing assistance. Adoption fees, the new store and donations are only ways of bringing money in. We have to keep it coming in or there will no longer be this service. I think that would be horrible for the families and the pets that will suffer from this loss. 
so please, if you are truly interested in meeting one of our adoptables, please contact us and we will get the ball rolling. Through the process there will be a home visit, meet n greet with entire family and if you already have pets, we will meet with them and potential adoptee before any decisions will be made.  Contact us with any questions you may have about our adoptables. 

Meet Bowie -

He is a good looking fella and is a 1 year old Mountain dog/Australian Shepherd mix. He loves toys and of course treats, needs lots of attention and will probably need additional training classes. Bowie is almost too smart for his own good and needs a job to help wear him out some. In a perfect world, I would love to place Bowie in an amazing home and at least one person was home 90% off the day and he was the only pet. He does well with other dogs, but if he senses a weakness from them, he takes full advantage of doing so. He’s very stubborn and he hears you but he will decide if he feels like cooperating or not. He is amazingly strong and with size, I think kids 13+ would be ideal. He’s not at all mean with kids, but he doesn’t realize he’s so big and tends to knock littler kids down. Bowie was an owner surrender from a military family because of that reason. Cats are a NO. He’s been tested, more than once and it’s a NO. He is receiving some training for the above things and he is fully up to date onn vaccinations and is neutered. If you would like to meet Bowie, please contact us and we can schedule a meet n greet.  Bowie adoption fee is currently $225

Meet Spazzy - 

Spazzy is a one year old pitbull mix, she is fully vetted including spay. She was found starving in Lorain County Ohio in beginning off November. We do not know anything before that time but I do not believe it was anything good. She will need to be with someone willing to dedicate time and attention for her quite often. All she wants in this world is someone to love her completely until she is no longer here. You can see what she’s telling you through her eyes. She can Absolutley test your patients and limits but we notice changes daily. She has way too much energy and is wicked strong for her size. Once she becomes attached to a person, she will start becoming territorial and aggressive. She’s doing better with redirection and praise. She’s good with other dogs but I’d say not unsupervised for a couple days. Just to let her slowly get to know the others. Does okay with cats so far but I would supervise this as well for a bit. She loves kids, toys and just having a hand on her to let her know you are there. Spazzy a adoption fee is currently $250. If you would like to meet her, call (330) 388-5700 speak with Christy. 

Meet MooCow 

MooCow is a approx 1 year old, Blue Heeler/Springer Spaniel Mix. He was found as a stray but it turned out he had an owner that had no business having a pet so he came to OTW where he’s living life and waiting for him fuelrecer home! He’s not the best with dogs older than him, he likes to pester them. However he is good with dogs around his age, he’s great with kids, cats is currently unknown.  He’s fully vetted and neutered. He’s on heart worm and flea/tick prevention monthly. He still has a few fixable tendencies. He will mouth at your hands, he’s extremely energetic and needs someone and things to get him worn out. He is also crate trained and fully house trained. If you would like to meet MooCow, please call (440) 463-1089  speak with Jen. She is our foster coordinator and is MooCows foster. MooCows adoption fee is currently $225. 

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