Military working dog Teams National Monument , TX, USA

Welcome to Operation Tail Wag~Pet Care for the Military

At Operation Tail Wag, we are dedicated to providing high-quality care for the furry friends of our military and Veterans. We started in 2015, have assisted many families whether they were going to training, deployment, hospitalization, moving or any other reason that will keep them away from home.  As you continue on looking around, you will see and learn much more on what we provide, how it works and ways you can help support the military and their pets! You will find where we will be at certain events, any upcoming news, fundraisers and get the info you need to know. There will also be a section you will come across that highlights a few of our pets currently looking for their forever homes! 

This website/online store is now here because over years, we have realized how difficult raising funds to support all of this truly is. The idea was formed to have a small online store  that could act as a fundraising tool, helping us to continue our mission and to keep it FREE for Military families, as long as we can. It has proven there are challenges all around us, but we must face them and continue forward. Persistence gets the mission completed. The new store, Tailwag Swag, consists of items such as  apparel, accessories, coffee mugs, tote bags, handcrafted items, jewelry, crafty-diy items, wall Art, decals and much more. A wide variety so there’s something for everyone.  We are also known for our collections! We have a great selection of apparel in our 420, sarcastic/funny, Bathroom Humor and Jeep Collections! All our designs can be put on all the items we have. If you don’t want it on a decal but you do on a shirt, we will do that! One of our favorite things to do is personalization and custom orders which make the best gifts!  Check out our collections and little online store for a perfect way to help the pets of our Military and Veterans!  .  *DONT FORGET THE BEST PART*…..EVERY PENNY spent at Tailwag Swag, 100% goes  to the organization and the pets!!!

Our  Mission

   Since we are one of very few organizations, in this area doing what we do, we try to service as many areas as possible. Most of the calls we get a little farther out, most of it comes down to timing, patience and prayer! We started this all for the Military but since adding , we have more pets than usual and distance is hard for us to manage, but it has been done and we are willing to again, is things can work together on the plan. Here is the quick run down of areas we service:

OHIO- The Entire State- usually the following counties are much easier distance wise
      Cuyahoga County, Summit County, Medina County, Wayne County, Portage County, Holmes County,    
 Coshocton County, Ashland County, Richland County, Morrow County, Knox County, Delaware County,  Franklin County, Licking County, Muskingum County, Guernsey County, Tuscarawas County, Carroll County,        
 Stark County, Trumbull County, Lorain County, Geuga County and Columbiana County

   This does not mean only these counties. These seem to be the easiest to get process moving.    

When transportation, gasoline expenses, traveler and scheduling can all occur, we also service these areas:

 Southern Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, Western West Virginia, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Indiana.

I am a firm believer to "there's an exception to every rule, so really we will help anywhere, if the above things all can be met. 

       ABOUT US…….      

Operation Tail Wag is a 501c3, non profit organization in Notheast Ohio. It was formed in June 2015, the mission at hand is to eliminate our Service Members and Veterans from having to surrender their pet to  a shelter, to never see them again. We provide them with housing, food, vetting and all necessities needed while their owner is away. 

They had no choice but to surrender their pet(s) because they had no one to help them while they are away. This was becoming more and more common and it broke my heart. This has helped many active service members as well as Veterans. We are very proud of what we done and what we will continue in the future. 
Our need to help animals, is extremely powerful. We jump in to a different role , other than ourselves. It is in your blood if you have it, so its not going away anytime soon. That is how we ended up not only assisting the Military, but the public can use any of our services at very discount prices. 

When room is available, we started pulling dogs from local shelters, owneer surrenders and extreme cases that we are able to assist in.  We always have a spot for a military related pets,  as that's how this all began, but that doesn't stop us from helping more. We have new things coming in our near future to aide us in providing more help.

Operation Tail Wag has very recently started a small online store, Tailwag Swag.  This is a fundraising tool for us. Donations are very hard to come by recently and OTW relies solely on donations to continue our mission. The store is mostly handcrafted items, but we make sure there is something for everyone. Huge variety of items, collections and styles! The biggest part of the store is every cent spent at Tailwag Swag, goes directly to OTW! Every cent, that is correct, 100% goes to the pets! We also now offer sponsorship packages for a pet in particular, pets as a group or an area the organization needs help with most. No matter which you pick, it is a blessing and very much appreciated! There will be more coming soon about our future plans!