This picture is just an example of what the cabins will be like, but are not the true design. Each will be different and unique in their own way. Just as all the pets and even ourselves are. We are hoping to give you a good visual in your head of what they will look like and the good they will do once all completed!

The Canine Cabins

This is the original blueprint drawn at the start of it all. Had no experience, never done anything like this, but my soul is so deep into the organization, it seemed to come fairly easy once  I started.  I have had lots of nay sayers and backlash of my ideas, but I believe in them and if you continue to work at the things you want, long enough and hard enough, they are truly not nearly has hard to achieve. They actually even become more enjoyable.

This master key should help you to navigate the cabin, I hope it came out clearly enough to understand and get the gist of what we are planning.

The Canine Cabins are what I call Phase II of OTW. There will be cabins built for our guests to have their own vacation while mom or dad is away! They will not look like the first picture, just a similarity to go by! The plan is to have multiple cabins ranging in size from  8’x10’; 10’x10’; and hopefully the Legacy Luxury Cabin coming in at 10’x12’.  They will be divided into two-three sections (rooms). First let’s start from outside and visualize walking in.  Before entering, you will step on to the covered front porch, a chair to rest our old bones from time to time. Now we will enter the cabin into the visiting/living area.  There is some furniture but small and donated, won’t be the best but it will serve its purpose!  It has a TV and pup appropriate watching only! There is a security system, bucket of toys as well as closet space for storage needs! Proceed to the next area, the ‘nom nom  nook’. Here you find all the food, treats and personalized food and water bowels. Fingers crossed we will be able to have at least every other cabin equips with a small sink to aide in cleaning and filling water bowels! More storage is found in here as well as all components controlling heat and air as well as any other things going on at present time. Last area is the best part! The bedroom area! Once inside, you will notice the nice orthopedic bed and the fleece blankets! As part of our rewards program, they get to pick out cute, fluffy and soft friends to sleep with them! At the back of bedroom area there is a weather proofed doggie door leading directly into their own fenced run! Midnight potty breaks? Not a problem! 
I have made sure to have a couple cots on hand for the event an owner may have a short trip back, they can stay with their pet if they choose or we will have them for any kind of situation that needs to be physically monitored. 
In addition, to these things, there is a Rec Area, a large area designated for all the pets (that can play nicely together) can play with all the toys, get basic training, swim/pool time and of course take advantage of the learning toys available!  Each cabin also can have doors or gate to separate if needed or overflow.  
The cabins are free to the Military and Veterans. The same programs and services are being introduced into the communities. Non military affiliated  public will  need to purchase the package they would like. We do offer the most discounted price possible. This way it is not all out of your pocket. 
Once the cabins are complete, Phase III will begin.