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ALL KIDS, TEENS AND IN BETWEENS!! Parents too! Do you love animals, the military and being a hero?? We sure can use your assistance!! All of us in rescue are struggling with getting donations. It’s scary bc without all of us, then what happens to all these furkids??! The shelters are full, all of us are full. Only answer I see is we need more ppl in our villages! With the help of many, we could save and help so many more animals. You know they say it takes a village!
So if you are local and would like to help OTWs pets, we have these shown here. Very easy for a kid with lots of friends parents they stay with, like their second family, or maybe mom or dads work, Grandparents are always great helpers too!!
If you are interested, send a message and we will arrange you getting started. Not much to it at all!

Now think on this for a second…Each card filled, completely, would supply a spay/neuter and a wellness checkup for one pet; or one month of prevention (flea/tick/heart worm) for ALL the dogs (14) for one month; or food and treats for 4-6 weeks; or 6-8 weeks of daily supplies used. That’s just a few examples of how much just one page completed could do!! Imagine 2 pages or three!!
All kids 13 and under have a chance at a prize! Actually, there will be 3 winners! 1st prize will go to kid with most donations AND most creative with their pages; 2nd prize to the runner up of most donations; 3rd prize to the runner up in most creative pages. There is no limit to how many pages that can be done by one person. The prizes will not be disclosed at this time. (Wouldn’t be much of a surprise) but I will say the prizes will total $50 and up! Now, font get upset mom and dad, we didn’t forget about you!!
Adults that would like to help, there will also be prizes and the categories the same, EXCEPT, they MUST be more creative then all participants! If you are a tattoo artist, this can be another opportiuniy to shine!!! lol There will be Three judges with majority wins.
This starts TODAY June 16, 2024 through Monday Sept 2nd at 8pm (Labor Day). All pages and donation money must be turned in by this time to win a prize. The winners will be chosen and announced on Tuesday Sept 3rd at 4pm. Arrangements to receive your prize will be made at that time. Please join in and make a fun thing to do with your kids! Maybe have a daily winner with the prize of an ice cream cone or have a water ballon fight!
We need a bigger village to keep helping all these furkids!! Hope to hear from lots of you!! Let’s keep some tails wagging!!

“As a dog owner, you are not a warden commanding a prisoner. You are a couch, abundant your dog is a player on the same team.”

                 *******PUPDATES & STUFF *******

6/3/2024-  Smokey, Bandit & Maggie are doing very well! Smokey has had a bit of a harder time with the new changes and being scared, but with some help from her friends and a cheerleading fan club (us), she’s doing well! All three are so very sweet. I do believe Bandit to be a little more than partially blind. Make no mistake, he does not let that limit him and he’s usually the first to check out something new or try to accomplish a new area to claim his own! 
Ian slowly trying to adjust them to the fact I can not be with them and only them 24/7. It’s coming along but just need to continue working on it. We will get there. 

Violet- Violet is back to her old self mostly! She now is mostly running the show in her group of friends! I apologize I have not gotten any new pics of her just yet. She can be very deceiving as she acts as one dog but has a second doggie personality that she tries to hide and use to her advantage when she can!! It is quite comical and she’s just so adorable! She will be heading to a new foster home soon and I know we will miss her, but I think this foster home will fit her needs wonderfully! Stay tuned for her pics and adoption information!!

 5/27/2024 - We left PA about 9:30pm and we had a stop at Service Station for that good Ole’ Treat & Water break! Snuck in a potty break and quick walk around the yard! We made it to our destination roughly 1:30am and had to have another snack before attempting to lie down! They definitely  took advantage of the box of spilled cookies!! Even though they are nervous, sad and leery of what’s going on, they have been Absolutely wonderful fur babies and great on a long car ride, with strange people  

Heading out in a few hours to pick these three up!

it’s been a very sad story this far but we hope to turn it around for them! Coming to Ohio to start a new life and we will make sure it’s a great one. We desperately need sponsors and donations. We are over full right now and to continue to help, we need your help! Please checkout the sponsorship page and donation info! Any issues or questions please shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we have a moment. 
please leave address if you are able to donate! Our pups like to show their appreciation to all that help us!! 

Items we are in need of if you may have them!

If you happen to have any of these and are willing to donate, you are in the right place! The items in Red are the most needed, but all are a blessing! 

Choose the area best for you to drop off and we will give you the address. We may be able to come to you, under certain circumstances, but is difficult with all of the pets, to get away but we try our best to accommodate when possible.  We also have a new location Sheffield/Elyria area!