Some of our Custom Orders 

Some of the request we get are a little outside the box perhaps, but everyone should be able to speak and/or show their opinion, personality and such. So unless found to be over the top offensive, we will share custom work in here for all to see! 

This shirt is printed on both sides, as the back side with Cookie Monster was already in the 420 Collection,  the customer then seen the front design and decided they wanted that added! This was done on a Polo shirt, in deep purple and is a xxl. 
if you are interested in a custom design, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. 

This was requested by a shirt about pancreatic Cancer so we came up with this. We do have many, msny other types of designs under the same category. Most have not yet been put up here yet. 

This particular shirt is a razorback tank top and a size medium. 

The big Cleveland , OH Rib Cook Off is nearing and a special request was made for the Amazing Sauce made by a really great guy! He sent his logo to me and I was scared to tell him, but I felt his logo was not eye catching enough and not near the brightness it would need for him to stand out.  Somehow I found the courage to tell him and offered to put a frw logos together to see what he thought. I designed 4 of them and I was extremely surprised to hear back that he picked one of mine over his existing logo!! That was an amazing feeling! So here it is and hoping he gets first place!! Not sure what the award is but it sould go to him if I had the authority to judge it!! 

Fun Fact:

Many military working dogs are trained for one purpose: sniffing out explosives or narcotics, but not both.