"Red for the Flag" Women's Baseball Cap with ponytail hole

Item number: H006

This design has been quite popular with the younger gals! It offers versatility in wearing it anywhere, with anything, but best part is the ponytail hole in the back to make it even ore comfortable and stylish!! The beach, travelling, sports and your all day wear days! An adjustable strap provides the perfevt fit for the onew size fits all cap. Made from high quality materials and UV protection bring alot to this cap ontop of its very stylish design.

A patriotic cap with USA and the flag embroidered on the front. It is made of high quality material and has adjustable strap to find your perfevt fit!It he;lps to keep the harmful UV rays off your face and out of yyour eyes.Sylidh and lightweight it is great for sports, beach, travel and even all day wear.